Ever since I was little, I can remember going for drives with my Dad through Niagara looking at all the orchards talking about how one day we will have our own. Growing fruit runs in my dads family. When my great grand parents moved to Canada from the Netherlands, they started a fruit farm just outside of Oakville, Ont. It was always a dream of my dads to have his own orchard one day just like his grandparents before him. When the company my dad works for moved its office to Welland it was our chance to buy a farm of our own. We found a beautiful 7 acre horse farm. It was perfect and we were so excited! It had fields surrounding the house, a huge pond and best of all it became ours. The house needed lots of work, it was old and dated. Everything had to go from the walls to the floor. The following summer we started on the orchard. We planned on only having a few trees just enough for a hobby farm.

The first trees we planted where Liberty and Ginger Gold. It was a big day for us! Our dream was finally taking shape. They looked like little sticks in the ground but to us they were beautiful little sticks. We now had 250 apple trees we could call our own! We watched them grow the first summer. Learning a lot about the bugs and diseases that wanted to eat our trees and how to fight them in a environmentally friendly way.  The trees needed to grow for 3 years before we would see an apple, to establish themselves and grow a root base for producing beautiful apples.

My mum is a 3rd generation pastry chef, who loves to bake for family and friends it wasn’t long before people started asking if there was a bakery in the works too. We never thought about a bakery or turning our small hobby farm into a business. The idea grew and before long we were planting more trees and making plans for a bakery 🙂  We now have over 2,000 trees producing big yummy apples. Some days it takes our breath away to think of how blessed we are to be doing what we love. Our dream that was talked about for so long. The Farm now incudes goats Bella and Annie, chickens, 2 very lovable dogs Riley and Elsie and our very own bakery! Where you can taste the treats from the orchard 😉